Brew Day Jan. 19, 2019

My grandnephew Max received two homebrewing kits for Christmas: a one gallon kit, and a 5 gallon kit. Since Max has never brewed before, I invited him over to experience the brewing process, along with my friend Justin “J.J.” Bermirez. Today we’re brewing my first original recipe, a Vanilla Oatmeal Stout.

Original gravity (OG) reading was 1.080, as measured with a hydrometer at 70ยบ(F).

The plan is to ferment in the primary (carboy) until Jan. 26; transfer to a secondary fermenter; add a vanilla bean; ferment for another week; bottle on Feb. 2; condition for 2 weeks.

Joe Nagle

I'm a full-time, NATIVE (American) English speaking, professional voice-over actor, specializing in the narration of animated whiteboard explainer videos, eLearning courses, nonfiction audiobooks & corporate, industrial, medical and military training tutorials. And I brew my own beer!